T3 Terms and Conditions


1.1 - T3 Micro, Inc., 228 Main Street Suite 3, Venice, CA, 90291 (“our”, “us” or “we”) is manufacturing high-quality hair styling tools, like dryers, flat and curling irons or beauty showers (“Products”).

1.2 - So that European customers (”you”; together with us “Parties”) can also purchase our Products conveniently, we operate an online shop on our website www.t3micro.es (“Online Shop”) where you can find our Products (“Services”). However, we neither offer nor sell the Products offered in the Online Shop. Rather, you can use our Services to buy Products offered and sold in our Online Shop by a trader (“Trader”) directly to you. To be able to buy our Products from the Trader you can register for our Online Shop so that your order data is saved and you can order other Products later more quickly (“Registered User”). You can also order Products from the Trader without being a Registered User as guest user of the Online Shop.

1.3 - These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) merely govern the registration for our Online Shop and the use of our Online Shop as a Registered User. These Terms of Use do not govern the contractual relationship when you purchase a Product through our Online Shop from a Trader. Such a contractual relationship is subject to a separate agreement which you enter into directly with the Trader.

1.4 - You can access and print out the current Terms of Use during the whole registration process and at any other time on our website. We do not store this contract text after conclusion of the contract.

1.5 - You acknowledge the exclusive applicability of these Terms of Use as the contractual basis for the use of our Online Shop. Any conflicting general terms and conditions of you are excluded, even if we do not expressly object to them.


2.1 - We are your contract partner when using our Services. In order to use our Services you have to register in our Online Shop. If you buy Products in our Online Shop, it is not us, but the Trader who becomes your contractual partner.

2.2 - You make a binding offer for the use of our Services by entering all required information during the registration process and clicking on the “Create an Account"-button ("Offer"). This Offer does not incur any costs for you. Until you click the ”Create an Account"-button, you can cancel the registration at any time or change the information provided by editing your information within the account dashboard or contacting us at soporte_es@t3micro.com.

2.3 - The contract is concluded by sending a confirmation of receipt of your Offer to the e-mail address you provided to us as part of the registration process ("Conclusion of Contract") immediately after receipt of your offer. This order confirmation e-mail represents our acceptance of your Offer.


3.1 - Our Services Include:

3.1.1 - Providing the Online Shop’s possibilities of use after Conclusion of Contract, e.g. ability to store addresses or manage e-mail preferences.

3.1.2 - Providing information about the Products, delivery time and prices.

3.1.3 - Providing information after the conclusion of a sales contract with a Trader regarding the specific purchase and Product, e.g. shipment tracking, provision of complaint forms or reviewing the product, access to order status and order history, view of the withdrawal or return status of the Product, return or withdrawal history.

3.1.4 - Providing an opportunity for communication between you and the Trader.

3.2 - We are not obliged to provide our Services at all time. In particular, we are not obliged to make the Online Shop accessible at any time. However, we endeavor to maintain the operation of the Online Shop as trouble-free as possible and to further develop it in accordance with the Registered User’s needs.

3.3 - We may limit the use of our Online Shop temporarily at our reasonably exercised discretion if this is necessary with regard to security, integrity or capacity limits of the Online Shop or to carry out technical measures at the Online Shop, e.g. maintenance work. We take your legitimate interests into account in particular through prior information.

3.4 - As soon as we learn of an unauthorized use of your user account, we will block access by the unauthorized user. We reserve the right to change your login data, especially your password, in case of an unauthorized use; we will promptly inform you thereof.


4.1 - You are obliged to provide true and complete details in the Offer. You are obliged to notify us of any changes to these details promptly.

4.2 - The Registered User must keep its login data, especially its password, secret and protect them against unauthorized access by third parties. In the event of any suspicion of misuse of the login data by a third party, the Registered User must promptly notify us thereof.

4.3 - You may not send masses of messages with the same content via the online shop. Any spamming or similar harassing actions against Traders or third parties are prohibited.


The use of our Services is free of charge for you


Pursuant to statutory law, we are liable only for intent and gross negligence.


7.1 - We may enable you to leave product reviews for the Products in the Online Shop (“Review”). Reviews are intended to enable other users to get a meaningful picture of the Product. We do not pre-check the Review you submit before they are published.

7.2 - Reviews may only contain truthful information. Reviews must be in accordance with the law and may not violate the rights of third parties, in particular personal rights, trademark rights or copyrights, as well as data protection regulations.

7.3 - Any use of the review system contrary to the foregoing paragraphs is prohibited. In particular, Registered Users are prohibited from including in Reviews circumstances unrelated to the performance of the underlying contract or from using Reviews for any purpose other than the evaluation of the Product.

7.4 - If you abuse the rating system, we are entitled to remove the rating. This applies particularly if:

a) we are legally obliged to remove the Review, e.g. due to a court ruling;

b) the Review contains vulgar, obscene, racist, not youth-free or in the criminal sense insulting statements;

c) the Review contains personal data, e.g. name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail-address;

d) the Review contains inappropriate links or scripts, e.g. with harmful content;

e) the Review contains inappropriate advertising for third parties;

f) the Review contains irrelevant information not related to the product, e.g. customer service, shipping, or site usability issues.


8.1 - We may amend these conditions insofar as this is necessary to adapt to developments which were not foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract and which we have not caused or cannot influence and the non-consideration of which would not insignificantly disturb the balance of the contractual relationship and insofar as essential provisions of the contractual relationship are not affected by this. Essential provisions are those concerning the type and scope of the contractually agreed services and the term including the provisions on termination.

8.2 - Furthermore, these Terms of Use may be adjusted insofar as this is necessary to eliminate not insignificant difficulties in the execution of the contract due to regulatory loopholes arising after conclusion of the contract. This may be the case, in particular, if the case law on the validity of provisions of these Terms of Use changes, if one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are declared invalid by the case law or if a change in law leads to the invalidity of one or more provisions of these Terms of Use.

8.3 - We may change the contractually agreed Services if and to the extent that this is necessary for good reason not foreseeable at the time of Conclusion of Contract and this change does not shift the relationship between performance and counter-performance to the disadvantage of you, so that the change is reasonable for you. A good reason exists if new technical developments necessitate a change in performance, since we can no longer render the Services in the previous contractually agreed form or if new or amended statutory or other sovereign requirements require a change in performance.

8.4 - We will notify you in text form (e.g. by e-mail or letter) of any changes to these Terms of Use or to the Services at least eight weeks before they are scheduled to take effect.

8.5 - In the event of changes which are not exclusively in your favour, you are entitled to terminate the contract in text form (e.g. by letter or e-mail) without observing a period of notice at the time the changes take effect.

8.6 - Changes to these Terms of Use or to the Services are deemed to have been approved if you do not object to them until they take effect. In the notification of amendment, we point out in particular the beginning of the aforementioned period, the significance and the consequences of your non-objection.


9.1 - The contract based on these Terms of Use is made for an unlimited term. It begins to run from the date of the Conclusion of Contract.

9.2 - You may terminate this agreement at any time.

9.3 - We may terminate this agreement upon three months' notice to the end of any month.

9.4 - The Parties have the right to terminate this contract for good cause. Good cause for us includes in particular:

a) ongoing operational disruptions due to force majeure lying outside our control, such as natural catastrophes, fire or breakdown of networks through no fault of us.

b) significant breaches of the obligations under Clause 7 in the Review of the Products.

c)you breach your obligations under Clause 4 repeatedly and despite previous warning.

9.5 - Text form (e.g. by e-mail or letter) is sufficient to declare the termination in due form.


10.1 - The contractual language is English.

10.2 - Should specific provisions of this contract wholly or partially violate mandatory law or be void or ineffective for other reasons, the remaining provisions remain unaffected. As soon as the Parties are aware of the said violation, they will enter into negotiation so as to adopt a new provision(s), palliating the violation as well as reflecting their initial intention.

10.3 - The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform, which you can reach at https://ec.europa.eu/odr.

We are not obliged or willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration body.

10.4 The contractual relations between the parties are governed by the law of Belgium excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). If you are a consumer and do not reside in Belgium, the contractual relationship is subject exclusively to the law of Belgium excluding the CISG, unless mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which the consumer has his habitual residence provide otherwise.

10.5 If you do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Belgium or in another EU member state, or if you are a merchant, or if you have moved your permanent place of residence abroad after these Terms of Use have become effective, or if your place of residence or habitual residence is not known at the time the action is filed, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is our registered office. Otherwise, if you are a consumer, any dispute arising out of these Terms of Use shall exclusively be submitted to the court of the place where you are resident or have your domicile of choice.