Luxe Turban Towel

Start your morning with our softest time-saving hair tool, after you hop out of the shower, twist your hair into our plush turban towel and go about your skincare routine while the towel gently absorbs excess water from your hair. The soft, microfiber material helps reduce frizz and damage to hair, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Cura Luxe

The Auto Pause Sensors are a busy girl’s dream. While you master the perfect blowout in your bathroom, the Cura LUXE pauses airflow when you set the dryer down, then resumes airflow right where you left off while you readjust your Volume 2.5 round brush. You don’t need to keep turning your dryer on and off, this smart tool does it for you!

Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

Once your hair is completely dry, roll it up into our Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE, one of our favorite time-saving hair tools. Pick the roller size that’s right for you and your hair, smaller rollers give tighter curls while larger rollers give serious body and looser waves. Put the finishing touches on your makeup while the rollers cool and voilà, volume that lasts all day!

Clip Kit

Tuck a few rose gold bobby pins into your purse or work bag for quick and easy styling on the go. Pin back the front sections of your hair, strategically place pins for a sunburst effect behind one ear, or secure a top knot at the crown of your head throughout the day. We have these pins in our bags, cars, and at our desks, you can never have too many!