Each of the barrels or plates on T3 curling and straightening tools have a custom blend ceramic coating designed to impart shine and reduce frizz.

So how does the custom blend ceramic coating work? When the plates, barrels, or wands heat up, their surfaces emit negative ions (the same ones found in our dryers!). These negative ions help seal the hair cuticle, eliminating frizz and static. Negative ions allow your hair to retain helpful moisture, preventing that super-dry feeling and strands that look a little too much like straw for our comfort, maintaining healthy hair. In addition to healthier hair, our tools create super shiny, long-lasting curly, wavy, or straight styles so you won’t need to touch up your curls between work and happy hour.

Try our tools with the ceramic coating for yourself. You can find it on our Convertible Collection barrels, SinglePass Wave, SinglePass Curl, Bodywaver, and Flat Irons.