For your mom: Cura or Cura LUXE

“In general, both dryers are amazing and the best I’ve ever owned! But I have gotten the question, ‘What’s the difference between the Cura and Cura LUXE?’ and which one to get. Cura is the more classic dryer, with amazing technology it will dry your hair in half the time. It has 3 heat settings and is very light, a must in any holiday gift guide. I personally don’t use a dryer for that long so I use the Cura, but my mom (the blow dry queen) always has the perfect blowout and has tested more dryers than a stylist. She has been using the Cura LUXE and loves it! The Cura LUXE has 5 heat settings, the same quick dry as the Cura, and has an Auto Pause Sensor. When you put it down the Cura LUXE senses it’s not being used and shuts off, then turns back on once you pick it up again. My mom loves this feature since she uses the dryer for longer periods of time and does put it down a few times while styling.”

For the classic woman: SinglePass LUXE

“The SinglePass LUXE has the same tech as the curling tools: ceramic plates, 5 heat settings, quick heat-up, and great results. The SinglePass LUXE is probably the most versatile piece and gift. We all know how to use a flat iron and it is a must-have for any woman. I used to think all flat irons were the same and thought I didn’t need an upgrade, but since getting this one I’ve never looked back. It gives a smooth, sleek, and shiny finish and again the heat levels are so perfect!”

For the woman on-the-go: Featherweight Compact

“This is a great gift for people who travel, even if they work long hours and like getting a little touch up during the day (it fits in your purse or a gym bag!). It has all the T3 power in a small package. The Featherweight Compact dryer is a lot smaller and lighter than a full-sized dryer and even folds to give you even more luggage space. I’ve traveled with this baby and love that I no longer have to compromise with the hotel dryers.”

For your grandmother: Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE

“My grandmother has used curlers all her life and knows exactly how to place them to get the perfect waves. These are great tools for women who have lots to do and don’t want to waste time getting ready. The Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE style your hair while you do your makeup, cook breakfast, get dressed, pretty much anything! I also feel they are a tool that does not damage hair as much because the heat is lower than other hot tools. These work best for women with wavy to curly hair. I love that they heat up so quickly and come in three different sized sets but sell additional singles for you to add to your set.”