On the front and back of the Cura Luxe handle, you’ll see three small sensors that control the Auto Pause feature. When this feature is enabled and at least 1 sensor is covered, the dryer operates as usual. The magic begins when you uncover the sensors. Once you set the dryer down or release the sensors to readjust your round brush or take a sip of coffee, the dryer’s airflow will pause so you don’t knock your beauty products off of your countertop. Once you pick the dryer back up again or cover the sensors, Cura Luxe will resume airflow at the same temperature and speed you were just using. This is our favorite feature to use while we’re creating a voluminous blowout with a round brush, it makes styling much easier.

If you don’t need to use the Auto Pause feature at any time, simply press and hold the fan speed button until the third temperature light flashes. Once you’re ready to use it again, press and hold the fan speed button again until the third temperature light flashes once again, now the sensors will reactivate.

Try out the Auto Pause Sensors on the Cura Luxe for yourself with one of our brushes and accessories for the perfect blowout.